Our Process

Our Process

Most projects start with a design process. Your idea is rendered in a small scale version. A mural is presented as a 1″=1′ painting called a “comp”. Three dimensional work is represented by drawings and scale models.

After the model or comp is approved, Alumni Exhibits creates the full scale version in our shop in Sonoma Country. We arrange to review the work at various stages of completion to assure you will be satisfied with the end results.

Larger sculptural elements are made in sections that are then transported and fit into place on site. Some finish work happens on site.

Murals are painted on fully sized art quality canvas with the highest quality artists acrylics, later to be delivered to the site and adhered to the walls.

Alumni Exhibits can flex to accommodate almost any natural sciences exhibitry: plant-work; animal sculptures; integrated and interactive design ideas; rock-work; and murals.

Our flexible and versatile affiliations make our pricing considerably lower than you might expect — we strive to make the most of your dollar by stressing economy of means in our design and fabrication.

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